Велосипедна статистика Копенгагена (2012)

Bicycle statistics

The figures presented in the following all come from the Bicycle Account 2012. We have highlighted a few of the most interesting figures to give an impression of Copenhagen as a city of cyclists.

How much do people cycle in Copenhagen?

  • In 2012 36% of everyone working or studying in Copenhagen used their bicycle.
  • 1.27 million kilometers are travelled by bike every working day. This figure includes both Copenhagen residents and commuters.
  • 75 % share of Copenhageners who cycle throughout the year.

How much do Copenhagen residents cycle?

  • 52% of all Copenhageners cycle to their place of work or education every day, even when this is located outside the municipal boundary.
  • 4 out of 5 off all Copenhageners have access a bike.
  • There are 650,000 bicycles in Copenhagen and app. 550,000 inhabitants. Compared to 125,000 cars, corresponding to 5.2 bicycles for each car.

Why do Copenhageners cycle?

  • It’s faster — 56 %
  • It’s more convenient — 37 %
  • It’s healthy — 26 %
  • It’s cheap — 29 %
  • It’s a good way to start the day/well-being — 12 %
  • It’s because of new job/relocation — 9 %
  • It’s because of the environment — 5 %

How much of Copenhagen has cycle tracks?

Constantly we expand the network of cycle tracks. Currently there is:

  • 359 km of cycle track
  • 24 km of cycle lanes.
  • 43 km of green cycle routes
  • 32,5 of cycle super highways (June 2013)

Do cycle tracks encourage more people to cycle?

Yes, every time the city creates a new cycle track, it results in 20% more cyclists (and 10% less cars) using that stretch.

How many green cycle routes are there?

There are a total of 43 km of green cycle routes and new sections are being constructed.

How fast can you travel through town by bike and car?

The average travelling speed in Copenhagen is 15.5 km/h for cyclists and 27 km/hour for cars. In places with green wave for cyclist the average speed is 20.72 km/h.

Do cyclists feel safe in Copenhagen?

The figures for Copenhagen cyclist’s sense of safety on the cycle tracks are rising. Today, a very high amount of the Copenhagen cyclists feel safe in the traffic. The number has risen from 51 % in 2008 to 76 % in 2012 and only 5 % feel very unsafe in traffic.

What discourages cyclists from cycling?

Rain is the main reason why Copenhageners who normally go by bike every day decide not to. The average likelihood of being caught in the rain if you bike to and from work every day in Copenhagen is 1.5 times a month.

How much does a cycle track cost?

  • 1 km of cycle track costs approx. DKK 8 million
  • 1 km of cycle lane costs approx. DKK 500.000

As a comparison, it costs DKK 1 billion to create 1km of metro and DKK 70–100 million for 1km of wide motorway.

Cycle records

  • On a European scale, Holland and Denmark are the countries where people cycle the most (2.5km and 1.6km per inhabitant per day respectively). Actually, Copenhagen can boast of as many as 3km per inhabitant per day.
  • On a global scale, Denmark and Holland are the countries where transportation by bike is highest. In Holland the figure is 27% and in Denmark 18%. In comparison the figure is 1% in the US.

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