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The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of “jaywalking”

100 years ago, if you were a pedestrian, crossing the street was simple: you walked across it.

Today, if there’s traffic in the area and you want to follow the law, you need to find a crosswalk. And if there’s a traffic light, you need to wait for it to change to green. Continue reading

What’s the carbon footprint of … a new car?

Making a new car creates as much carbon pollution as driving it, so it’s often better to keep your old banger on the road than to upgrade to a greener model.

• More carbon footprints: nuclear war, cycling a mile, more
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The carbon footprint of a new car:
6 tonnes CO2e: Citroen C1, basic spec
17 tonnes CO2e: Ford Mondeo, medium spec
35 tonnes CO2e: Land Rover Discovery, top of the range Continue reading

Documentary to Explore Racial Discrimination in Transportation Planning

Beavercreek, Ohio, nabbed its own infamous place in civil rights history last year, when the Federal Highway Administration ruled that the suburb had violated anti-discrimination laws by blocking bus service from nearby Dayton. Continue reading

Mary Beth Kelly on NYC’s 25 mph Speed Limit (Families for Safe Streets)

A few days prior to a 25 mph speed limit becoming law in New York City, Mary Beth Kelly, one of the members of Families for Safe Streets, shares her views on how she would like to see driver’s attitudes change to make the city safer for everyone. Continue reading

Скільки можна заощадити за рік, якщо відмовитися від автомобіля

Многие люди повсюду передвигаются на авто и полагают, что альтернативы не существует. Однако если присмотреться к сумме, которую можно сэкономить, перестав ездить на машине, наличие выбора может оказаться очевидным. Continue reading

Як шум впливає на нашу психіку

Помимо прочих экологических бед, на нас надвигается катастрофа шумового загрязнения. Что это такое? Человек всегда жил в мире звуков. Рядом с ним пели птицы, шелестели листья, плескались волны, гремел гром и завывала вьюга… Continue reading